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David Beckham at the Royal Wedding.

I really don’t think I need to be making any long introductions concerning the Royal Wedding, we all know the crack by now. That being said, one ‘crack’ that we didn’t know about right up until the last minute; what is everybody wearing?

Naturally all eyes were pinned firmly on Princess Catherine and what/that/wow, look at her dress, which turned out to be a beautiful lacy Sarah Burton creation. However, my eyes were securely on the lookout for the best dressed man, and it was no great surprise that David Beckham (him again) came away with the award.

Wearing an impeccably tailored Ralph Lauren morning suit, teamed with an on trend side parted, swept hairstyle (in my opinion, the most most suiting style he’s donned for years) he looked every part the royal guest. I personally don’t think he ever intended on wearing the top hat seeing as his hair was so pristinely styled, and so carried it under his arm as the perfectly thought-out prop. Just one slight nitpick though David, that dazzling little OBE medal you have there, it should be pinned on the other (left) lapel. Never mind though pal, at Harry’s wedding we’ll nail it!


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My perfect leather, and it’s about bloody time!

For those of us with realistic shopping budgets, there is always at least one department within our wardrobe that we tend to neglect. For me, that area is leather outerwear. A couple of months ago I was working with a client and the subject turned around to leather jackets. So, as most personal stylists might do, I proceeded to explain the vast styles available and the key areas in which a leather jacket will work as a solid staple piece within their wardrobe. However, it was at approximately 67% of my way through this little patter that I suddenly paused, frowned, slowly tilted my head upwards finishing in a West Highland White Terrier-like tilt and realised that I was, in fact, applying none of these theories to my own wardrobe.

Having successfully talked myself into a sale, I instantly started on the hunt for a jacket to fill that Fonzie shaped hole in my life, and so at 21:43, on the 11th March 2011 (that’s a lie, I have absolutely no idea when it was) I found her:

Introducing the Burberry Prorsum tumbled leather studded biker jacket, beautiful aint’ she? Well, she also comes with a beautiful £3,495.00 price tag; NEXT!

However, this exercise hadn’t been completely pointless. I had definitely come to the conclusion that the biker jacket was definitely the style of leather for me, and so turned my efforts towards my closest ally; Ebay.

Sure enough, after a couple of weeks of searching, watching, bidding and losing, I found (and successfully won) the perfect match:

Being the picky little twerp that I am, I had decided that the cross-stitch, padded shoulders were a must, so for under £50, this one fit the bill faultlessly. It also fits extremely well (always helps) and is surprisingly tapered at the waist. All I need to do now is just decide whether to purchase a few studs and spikes and attempt to DIY it into to some form of knock off Burberry?! Decisions, decisions…

…I might buys those spikes, just incase.

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….and so, The Fashion Mister is born!

I’ve never really been one for long introductions, “straight to the point” is very much my motto. Therefore, welcome! My name is Ashley, I work as a Menswear Personal Stylist, Freelance Fashion Stylist, Writer for Fashionbeans and now, full-time Fashion Mister. If you are familiar with my work for Fashionbeans, then you might already be aware that my posts usually come in the form of wordy look-books, style guides and brand reviews. I have created The Fashion Mister to help document all of my ideas, thoughts and theories in-between (thus, hopefully freeing up a little space in my head) and also so I have a direct personal output in which to share all of the things that are currently exciting me within menswear fashion today.

My name is Ashley Cover and this is my blog, The Fashion Mister.

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