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How Do You Wear Yours: The ASOS Black Paperbag Waist Shorts.

Unless abroad, I very rarely tend to wear shorts. Not because I have an awkward complex about my knee’s nor because I don’t know which footwear to team them with, but because over the past couple of seasons I have found the styles available for men, very uninspiring. Yes, a city short is a nice tailored staple and a rolled up chino short is ideal for a lazy Sunday in the park, but sometimes a guy just needs that bit more from his shorts.

This season, however, things are different. Bright colours, pleats, prints, chambray, florals…we have been well and truly spoilt indeed, and the first style to make their way into my S/S 2011 wardrobe has come directly from the fantastic ASOS Black Collection.

I personally tend to wear my t-shirts/shirts tucked in, so the detailed waistline is the perfect excuse to stick to what I like. It also probably took a grand total of around five minutes of the shorts being within my possession and I was already styling possible belt options.

Here are a few that I have come up with (as well as with the original tie):

The only question now is, how would you wear yours?


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Schwarzkopf Creative Hair Competition 2011.

Yesterday I was lucky enough to style a 4 look catwalk presentation for the salon Jas Hair, who were competing in the Schwarzkopf Creative Hair competition held in London. The competition saw an extremely high standard of hair this year and with a total of 11 salons all hungry for glory, unfortunately, this time we didn’t come away with any of the top prizes.

Something that we did all take away from the competition however, the experience of working as a part of such a great team. The hair stylists were amazing, Ross did a great job on the make-up and the models looked fantastic in the clothes.

A big thank you to Jas Hair for allowing me to be a part of it and everyone else involved.

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Ozwald Boateng for Fashionbeans Part 2.

For the second and final part of my Ozwald Boateng write-up, I have decided to focus on his outstanding S/S 2011 Menswear collection. For a first attempt at a casual wear range I think he’s done a bloody good job, Ozwald quite clearly has just as good-a understanding of trends as he does traditional tailoring. The only downside for us is that it’s just so hard to get hold of. I really do hope we see his collection gracing the likes of Mr. Porter or My-Wardrobe very soon.

As always, click the picture above to read the full article.

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Ozwald Boateng for Fashionbeans.

I’ve wanted to write an article on Ozwald Boateng for some time now, I suppose I’ve waited until now because I wanted to ensure that it would be published at a time and in a place, that would guarantee it to be read by more than just 12 people. There is no single designer that has inspired me more than Ozwald Boateng, and this truly was a pleasure to write.

To read the full article, just click the image above.

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One Hundred Years of Menswear.

“A rich, comprehensive collection of images covering the revolution in menswear over the last 100 years, with text by fashion historian, Cally Blackman.”

…or as I like to put it – “a bloody good read and a hardback must-have for any modern male even remotely interested in fashion”.

One Hundred Years of Menswear by Cally Blackman has been one of my best finds of the year so far, not only is it a great resource book for any fashion student, designer, stylist or writer, it is simply great for pure, unadulterated outfit inspiration. Starting from the year 1900, the book takes us step by step through the different era’s and cultural trends. Packed full with images of vintage adverts, collections, music artists and movie stars and containing very little text (now your ears have pricked up) other than an informative paragraph at the beginning of each new chapter, introducing you to the trend.

If you don’t yet own a copy, you can find yours here.

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A new look for Fashionbeans.

For those of you looking for fashion advice and styling tips, my catalogue of efforts can be found here on Not only that, we also have a sparkling new, easily accessible layout boasting brand new features such as a street style section, Fashionbeans shop, vouchers page and soon to be added, forum. Even if you don’t need the tips but love to get involved in an old fashioned debate with likewise minds, Fashionbeans can offer you that also, with great new comments sections at the bottom of every article. Go on, give it a click.

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