WHO ARE YOU?: Ashley Samuel Cover (I’m eccentrically proud of my middle name)

WHERE DO YOU LIVE?: Bath, UK (soon to relocate to London).

WHAT DO YOU DO?: I currently work as a Menswear Personal Stylist, Freelance Editorial Stylist and as a Senior Fashion Writer for Fashionbeans. Oh, and of course I am now a full-time Blogger!

WHAT IS YOUR BLOG ABOUT?: The Fashion Mister is basically a place for me to share all of the thoughts, ideas, peeves, passions and questions of a modern male working full-time within the fashion industry. If you are already familiar with my work for Fashionbeans, you will know that my articles tend to come in the form of wordy menswear style guides, how-to-wears, seasonal look-books and brand reviews. The Fashion Mister is everything else in between.

WHAT IS IT THAT YOU LOVE SO MUCH ABOUT FASHION?: There are no boundaries within fashion. Fashion has no religion, it has no race; fashion has no gender and fashion has no age. It can be used by whichever means necessary to express moods, feelings and emotion, and it can generate levels of confidence like nothing else. There are also those very special moments where a complete collection, or maybe even just a single garment has been created or put together in such a way, that it is no longer ‘just fashion’, it has become art.

AND WHAT IS IT THAT YOU LOVE SO MUCH ABOUT MENSWEAR IN PARTICULAR?: Although I have massive love for womenswear, let’s be honest, they have reworked so many trends and broken so many boundaries, that I’d almost feel like a very new fish joining a very, very old pond by writing about it; it’s all been done! When I look at menswear however, and when I envisage new directions that menswear could now possibly take, my mind starts to fry at even the slightest thought of the possibilities and I am left asking myself the question; “What direction couldn’t men’s fashion now take?”.

It almost feels like this is just the start.


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